The Essence of Magic

"Star Stuff" watercolor by Patricia Robin Woodruff

“Star Stuff” watercolor by Patricia Robin Woodruff

A fact that constantly amazes me is that we are star stuff.  Every element heavier than helium has been forged in the heart of a star.  Those elements make up our substance.  We are an integral part of the Universe and as such, we effect the matter and energy in the Universe.

Remember Einstein’s equation of E=mc squared?  That tells us that energy equals matter and cannot be destroyed; one converts to the other.  We eat plants that have converted the energy of the sunlight into itself (or meat, which has eaten plants, which has converted sunlight.)  We are energy made solid and we have the ability to shape energy.  What is a thought, but energy?  We can turn that thought into something solid, such as art, writing, inventions, computer programs and so on.

We so often forget that we have the power to shape that energy and shape our physical world.  The placebo effect is not an error!  It shows that by the power of thought, a person can often get the same results in their body as taking a certain medicine.  When we watch a scary movie and our heart rate increases and we get chills, that is simply thoughts effecting our body in a physical way.  There is no actual danger, there are only thoughts.  This is the essence of magic!

I Am A Poem That Tells A Lie

I am sonnets full of stardust,
Within the meter of my skin;
An ode to the Source of Being,
That tells of solitude and sin.
I eat sun that looks like salad,
Yet that energy makes me think,
That I am only blood and bone,
And my poem is only ink.

~ Robin Rumi