No One has a Monopoly on Love

Pink Kiss by Patricia Robin Woodruff

Pink Kiss by Patricia Robin Woodruff

Before I published my book, Naked Morsels; Short Stories of Spiritual Erotica, I had several anthologies and magazines that just wanted *one* of my stories to be included. I resisted doing this, mainly because one of my ideals in putting together these stories was to show some of the facets of the brilliant gem that is love; heterosexual relationships, homosexual relationships, pansexual and bisexual polyamory. Naked Morsels was always intended to be published as an entire book of short stories.

While I am a woman and writing from that perspective, some of the stories are written with deliberately unisex names, so that anyone can put themselves in the story, regardless of their gender or orientation. Some are specifically written to appeal to the predominantly heterosexual among us, but I also wanted those people to understand that the same feelings that motivated them, also motivated the lesbian, transexual or bisexual relationships that are in some of the other stories.

I wanted the differences to dissolve and focus on the commonalities of love. That’s why the concepts of spirituality keep bubbling up throughout the book. I see Spirit as Male, Female, Both and Neither. A Deity that is large enough to enfold all different ethnicities and all of the diversity of creation. One of the stories includes the statement, “I am Shakti, as well as Shiva. I am everything male and female, light and dark, flesh and spirit. Perfectly balanced in one single moment lasting an eternity…”

That is why the dedication is “to Love and my Beloved”; to my husband of almost 30 years and to the Spirit that created all of us to love and be loved.

Robin Rumi


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